Approximately 18 million of Iowa’s 20 million hogs are now produced in CAFOs. According to Clemson University, the waste production for each individual hog is between 60-84 lbs per day, which, if averaged at 72 lbs per hog, means that the hogs in Iowa produce over 1 billion pounds of excrement per day, every day.


Faith in the Environment

Modern environmentalism is not generally correlated with religion or religious teachings, at least in the media. Young people dressed in 60’s fashions waxing poetic about “like – the earth, man” seems to be the enduring stereotype. Religion doesn’t seem to have a place at the table. However, that isn’t really the case.


Corps of Engineers

The Corps of Engineers have become caretakers of our major waterways. Their mission areas: warfighting, homeland security, infrastructure support, water resources, and environmental protection. Under “water resources” falls waterway navigation, flood risk management, hydroelectric power, water safety, and supply.

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